Pursuing Perfect

-Brian- Ever since I was in college, I’ve wanted to do something that mattered with my life… something big... something that would make me look back and say, “I did something with my life.” That started 17 years ago. Year after year, decision by decision, situation by situation, I constantly sought after something big in my... Continue Reading →

Spiders: Part 2

—Anna-Marie— Now you know I’m terrified of spiders. And if you don’t know, please take some minutes to check out my last post, so this one has some context. We left off where I’m standing outside my spider-infested car on the side of the highway at 10:00 at night in the middle of nowhere with... Continue Reading →

Spiders: Part 1

—Anna-Marie— So I'm driving. Heading home on my hour and a half commute from a night class, I'm alone in my car, tired, and jamming out to some random hip hop station, ready to be home. I was about thirty minutes into the drive when I see the first one. A big brown spider. You... Continue Reading →

We took Tobin ice skating…

— Brian — We took our five-year-old son Tobin ice skating for the first time this winter. I’ve never been able to ice skate. I’ve “tried” about three times. Every time it’s the same: I put on the skates. I get on the ice. And I hold the wall, or slightly push away from the wall, but... Continue Reading →

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