(Evolution of Date Night--Part 2) We wrote this one together. Brian is in orange. Anna-Marie is in green. —Brian— One area that had changed greatly with the addition of our second child, Tobin, was our morning and night routine.   With our commitment to have Anna-Marie drive two hours to take to Tobin to school... Continue Reading →

T-Rex and Hindsight

—Brian— Last year at this time, I had the honor of getting to speak at the graduation ceremony for the school where I work.   I was so busy at the time. Actually, it was the most stressful time of my life up to that point. As a result, I didn't get to start writing... Continue Reading →

Evolution of “Date Night”

—Brian and Anna-Marie— We decided to write this week’s post together. We’ve used font colors for clarity. (A-M is green. B is orange). —Brian— When Anna-Marie and I got married, we waited a long time before we had kids. We knew we wanted to adopt to start our family and we weren’t ready to do that... Continue Reading →

On Breathing

(and yoga) —Anna-Marie— I've heard talks and read different things about Yahweh (the name God gave himself to Moses) being breath... that when you say "Yahweh" as it is written in Hebrew, it actually comes out as breath. Many take this deeper, believing that when we breathe in and out it is a sacred act, that the... Continue Reading →

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