To My Mema

The day you left us, your Joseph’s Coat was in full bloom. Just like you said it would, the rose took on different colors, bright reds on the tips sliding down through oranges to its yellow ruffly center. Dew on the edges, reflecting the sun. Somehow I know I would have never noticed those intricacies […]

The Immensities

—Anna-Marie— A little old lady called my son an asshole. Actually, she wasn’t that little and the term she used to describe Tobin was “asshole kid.”  She was standing right beside my un-invisable, hearing-enabled son. She looked right at him and said it like it was this hilarious joke between her and the lady who […]

The Incident

—Anna-Marie— The last thing I remember is my vision getting a little “funky.” It felt like I was about to get a migraine. (Years ago, when I frequently had migraines, I would see a light—one of those lights you see after staring into a light bulb—and then my vision would get “funky.”) I remember thinking, […]

“You Belong”: A Tribute

—Anna-Marie— Earlier this week, we unexpectedly lost one of the matriarchs in our family: my grandma.  It wasn’t until I was visiting her in the hospital, reflecting after her death, and processing everything to write her eulogy that I fully realized the impact she made on my life.  On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the women […]


—Brian— -A Note on Marriage and Hard Things- I don’t completely remember the first time I met anyone. Except Anna-Marie… It was the beginning my sophomore year in college.  She was a freshman. I was talking with a friend of mine in the back of a meeting before it started and she walked in. She […]

Pursuing Perfect

-Brian- Ever since I was in college, I’ve wanted to do something that mattered with my life… something big… something that would make me look back and say, “I did something with my life.” That started 17 years ago. Year after year, decision by decision, situation by situation, I constantly sought after something big in my […]