Tobin and I

Our eight-year-old, Knox, is an “old soul.” There is just a knowing that he has… like he can feel people and situations. He’s still an eight-year-old, full of laughter and fun and light, and he still makes mistakes… he’s not perfect but he is so Good. He’s been through heavy himself, and heavy with us, […]


—Anna-Marie— Tobin has a hard time with eye contact. Lack of eye contact is one of the markers for autism. It’s also one of the markers for attachment issues in children who are adopted. I can remember those first months Tobin was home, how I would always try to get his eyes. I’d play the […]

It’s Not About the Scene. It’s About the Story.

—Anna-Marie— Last year, for Autism Awareness Month, our then seven-year-old son Knox and I worked on a video project as a way of trying to spread awareness of autism during the month of April, along with shining a light on our sweet Tobin. We worked together from the start. I interviewed Knox and recorded the interview. Then […]